Glamping in Norfolk: A Unique Travel Experience

Discovering the World of Glamping

Glamping, short for glamorous camping, is a growing trend in the travel industry that combines the luxury of a hotel with the adventure of camping. It allows travelers to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort and amenities. One of the best places to experience glamping is in Norfolk, England.

What is Glamping?

Glamping is a form of camping that offers a luxurious experience. Typically, it involves staying in a tent, yurt, or treehouse that is fully equipped with comfortable bedding, heating, and sometimes even a private bathroom. Unlike traditional camping, glamping provides a unique and comfortable experience that is perfect for those who want to explore nature without roughing it.

Why Norfolk?

Norfolk is a county located on the east coast of England that boasts of vast beaches, picturesque villages, and a diverse range of wildlife. It is also home to many glamping sites that allow visitors to experience the beauty of the county in comfort. Norfolk’s natural beauty and tranquility make it the ideal destination for a glamping adventure.

Exploring the Best Glamping Sites in Norfolk

The Norfolk Glamping Company

The Norfolk Glamping Company offers a range of luxurious glamping options, including yurts, bell tents, and a shepherd’s hut. The site is located in the heart of rural Norfolk and is surrounded by stunning countryside views. Each tent is fully equipped with a wood-burning stove, comfortable beds, and furniture, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The site also has a communal kitchen and dining area, a fire pit, and a wood-fired hot tub.

Tin Can Camping

Tin Can Camping is a unique glamping site that offers a vintage-inspired experience. The site features retro caravans that have been lovingly restored to provide a comfortable and stylish place to stay. Each caravan has its own private outdoor space, complete with a fire pit and seating area. The site also has a communal kitchen and bathroom facilities, ensuring that guests have everything they need for a comfortable stay.

Wild Luxury

Wild Luxury is a glamping site that offers a luxurious and eco-friendly experience. The site is located on the Holkham Estate, which is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in Norfolk. The tents are furnished with king-size beds, wood-burning stoves, and private bathrooms. The site also has a communal kitchen, dining area, and hot tub. The site is entirely off-grid, and all power is generated by solar panels and wind turbines, making it an eco-friendly choice for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

Activities to Enjoy When Glamping in Norfolk

Discovering the Wildlife

Norfolk is home to a diverse range of wildlife, and glamping provides the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with nature. Visitors can go birdwatching at the Norfolk Wildlife Trust’s Cley Marshes nature reserve, explore the seals at Blakeney Point, or take a boat tour of the Broads to see otters, kingfishers, and herons in their natural habitat.

Exploring the Beaches

Norfolk has some of the most beautiful beaches in the UK, and glamping provides an excellent opportunity to explore them. Visitors can take a stroll on the golden sands of Holkham Beach, enjoy the stunning views from Hunstanton Cliffs, or go rock pooling at Cromer Beach.

Visiting the Local Villages

Norfolk is home to many picturesque villages that are worth exploring. Visitors can stroll along the quaint streets of Burnham Market, visit the historic ruins of Castle Acre, or admire the thatched cottages in Walsingham.


Glamping in Norfolk is a unique and luxurious way to experience the beauty of the county. With a range of glamping sites to choose from and plenty of activities to enjoy, it is the perfect destination for those who want to combine the comforts of a hotel with the adventure of camping. So why not pack your bags, grab your camera, and head to Norfolk for an unforgettable glamping adventure?

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